Medical Training for a Rewarding Career in San Diego, CA

When you decide to enter the medical field, your options are practically limitless. With the right medical training, you can develop the skills and the knowledge needed to help people on a daily basis, making for one of the most rewarding career areas you could enter.

At California Medical College, we give you options when you want to find your spot in a healthcare career. We offer a variety of careers to choose from, each giving you specialized medical training that allows you to perform your best in the job of your choice. Whether that involves becoming a trained operator of crucial medical equipment like an EKG, or simply an being an attentive, helping hand and allowing someone to remain independent in their own home as they grow older, our programs are available for you to build skills and grow into a certified healthcare professional with a passion for helping people.


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One of the advantages you’ll get as a student at California Medical College in San Diego, is the ability to build practical skills on an accelerated schedule. Whether you’ve always wanted to go into medicine or you’ve made the choice for a sudden career change, you shouldn’t have to go to school for ten years to be able to make a difference.

View our schedule by clicking the link below and see the dates for each course session. We offer multiple dates for each of our career programs, meaning that you can find time to qualify yourself for a new, rewarding career no matter how busy you are. Depending on the program, our sessions range between two and seven months long.

Program Schedule

Obtain more information about the starting and ending dates for our various programs, and begin to plan out your schedule ahead of time. Find a program that meets your specific needs and desires!


Our programs

EKG Technician

An EKG technician is trained to operate machinery designed to read a patient’s heart function.

This short, 64-hour program gives you the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify as an ECG/EKG or Telemetry Technician at a medical facility, physician’s office, clinic, or rehabilitation center. The course involves learning about heart function, and using those skills to operate EKG and ECG equipment, with the overall aim to receive a certification upon completion of the course.


Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding specialists have unique responsibilities as a key part of the process of making healthcare run smoothly and efficiently. In a healthcare facility, a biller and coder’s job is to handle patient records and code patients’ diagnoses into a database for use by health insurance providers.

This 128-hour program is ideal for obtaining the skills necessary to acquire an entry-level position as an insurance biller and coder. Find out more about the program by calling our offices!


Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician works with and assists a pharmacist in their daily roles, such as portioning out prescriptions and organizing stock.

This 96-hour program will enable graduates to qualify for a position as a pharmacy technician in a hospital or retail setting, and is ideal for allowing you to enter the working world in no time at all!


Professional Medical Technician

Because medical technicians (also called lab technicians) need to have specialized skills and expertise, this program is the longest of our programs. Medical techs take patients’ samples to the lab and perform tests on them to help acquire an accurate diagnosis.

This 620-hour program prepares students for entry-level employment in a hospital, clinic, rehabilitation facility, physician’s office, insurance organization, or research institution.


Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide

These days, there is a growing need for nursing assistants and health aides available to help people with their health needs and daily care, both in care facilities and in patients’ private residences.

This 210-hour training program was developed to prepare students to obtain the skills necessary to become a home health aide or nursing assistant and features exceedingly promising results!


Weekend Nursing Assistant

Looking for extra work on the weekend? In just a few months, you can get steady work on a part-time or full-time basis as a nursing assistant. With a certificate from California Medical College, you’ll get the medical training you need to best help those in need.

This 172-hour program was developed to help prepare students for a career as an entry-level health-care worker in long-term care or acute care facilities! For more information, speak with our representatives today!


Home Health Aide

This is our shortest course, giving you the medical training and skills you need to enter a rewarding field in just a few weeks.

This program was developed following California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines for the education of nurse assistants to become certified home health aides and can help you obtain the career you deserve!

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    Fast Track Programs:

    • Professional Medical Technician – 7 months (Medical Assistant Program)
    • Medical Billing and Coding – 4 months
    • Pharmacy Technician – 3 months
    • EKG Technician – 2 months
    • Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide – 2 Months