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This on-campus program teaches the skills needed to gain employment as a pharmacy technician in either a hospital or retail setting.

The objective of the Pharmacy Technician Program is to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to qualify for entry-level positions in pharmacies, as well as prepare them for national certifications.


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Course details

PHT 117 – Pharmacy Technician

This 96-hour course consists completely of lecture/classroom study with no requirements for clinical/laboratory or internship credits.

The course is taught Monday and Wednesday during the timeframe of any given, 3-month session from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

A high school diploma, GED, or equivalent may be required to take these exams. Students who have prior felony convictions, violations, or misdemeanors may be denied eligibility to take these exams or be denied certification of exams.

What is covered in the Pharmacy Technician course?

This course is designed for students wishing to enter the pharmaceutical field. The role and responsibilities of a Pharmacy Tech, as well as potential areas of employment, will be outlined in the course.

Students will learn basic information to help them prepare for a career in the field of pharmacy science, including the history of medication and pharmacies, and relevant medical terminology, as well as the way the law regulates pharmacies in the United States. This will include teaching students the basic guidelines of pharmacy ethics, as well as compliance with various regulatory oversight (HIPAA as it pertains to pharmacies, etc.).

Instruction will include conversions and drug calculations, pharmacy literature, body systems and the use of medications used to treat common conditions, chemistry and microbiology, safety procedures, pharmacy stocking, repackaging, and compounding medications.

Additionally, students will learn about State and Federal laws governing pharmacy practice, standards and regulations, the major drug classifications, the use of vitamins and minerals and basic concepts of alternative and complementary medical treatments such as the use of herbal remedies and psychopharmacology, how to read, fill, and label prescriptions, practice documenting and maintaining pharmacy records, learn how to manage medical inventory, practice drug calculation skills, drug information, and the use of pharmaceutical reference guides.

Objectives of the Pharmacy Technician course

Final course emphasis is geared towards preparing the students for national certification exams for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

Over the 3 months students will be in the classroom receiving instruction, students will be prepared to do the following:

  • Recognize the role that pharmacies and medication play in society
  • Understand the practices and procedures used when measuring, converting, calculating, and processing medications and preparing prescriptions to prevent error
  • Understanding the practices used in staying compliant with industry regulations and codes of ethics
  • Recognize different classes of drugs and the conditions they treat: antihistamines, antibiotics, vitamins and minerals, oncologic agents, vaccines, etc.
  • Understand the basic concepts of microbiology and chemistry as it pertains to medications
  • Understand the various systems of the human anatomy, how different medications target conditions relating to individual systems, and how to limit negative interactions.

Pharmacy technicians are tasked with many important roles, but whether you’re hired in a clinical or a retail setting, there will be plenty of opportunities to use your training to positively impact the lives of people every single day.


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